Trust takes you a long way..

4:15 PM

A police patrol in Kuwait had to step in to stop a brother from completely shaving off his sister's hair after he suspected her of receiving flirty messages.

The brother reportedly had doubts that his sister was getting love expressions on her mobile and managed to sift through the content of her inbox.

Upon finding messages, he confronted her, but she told him that they were classmates.

However, the infuriated brother was not convinced and he started shaving off her hair to punish her despite pleas from their worried mother. 

Now this is something I would never understand. Why would a brother be so controlling and act as if he is her guardian when her parents are alive and well? I mean yes, siblings are there to scold you when you are doing something wrong but that's about it. Going the extra mile is none of your business, in the end they are all mature enough to know what they putting themselves in. I never was blessed with having an older brother but I am the eldest of my siblings, and I know everything with being over protective but acting on a hunch or suspicion and to top it off go search and dig out secrets was never the way. 

I might sound weird to a lot of Arabs who are used to having an older sibling watching their every move but truth be told what would you accomplish? Nothing. Trust is a small word but with a big meaning, that many brothers still don't understand. 

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  1. When I hear these sort of stories, I'm glad I'm the eldest of my siblings. And that my brothers respect me enough not to interfere or control me.


  2. ( third world countries ) <-- the story supports the statement


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