Y U No Grow Up?

11:57 AM

This cartoon made me laugh out loud, reminds me of the constant complaining and whining from every single Omani person I know that their salaries are not enough and what not. Is it really the Omani thing to do? To always complain that the workplace you are in is not treating you well? Or that they aren't being paid enough? Or to complain how terrible it is that you don't get a bonus? 

I have come to the conclusion that many of us (at least those in Muscat) don't really appreciate or take a chance that's right in front of our nose but rather prefer to sit in coffee shops talking about inflation while having a really expensive brew of coffee which you can have for half or quarter of the price, if you just went home instead. I know many would attack me for saying this, but really until when are we going to continue to depend to get things on a silver platter? We don't have enough universities, all because of the government. We don't have a raise this year, it's all because of an evil boss, we don't have food at home, all because of mom not cooking. Ya3ni till when?  It's high time we become thankful for what we are blessed with and not whining like a broken tape recorder for what we don't have. You don't like anything, change it instead of having an attitude about it. Omanis Y U No Grow Up?

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  1. hahaha this is funny & true! everything grows except the stupid salary ! bs el7mdellah 3la kel 7al :)

  2. They should spend whatever money they spent on coffee to buy a copy of "Who Moved My Cheese". Might help them maybe -.-

  3. Hahahaha! this is hilarious! I so agree with it though! aren't they willing to do anything about raising salaries? LOL okay i'll shut up cause I, myself don't even work yet :angel

  4. epic cartoon xD , omani's have to complain about everything , nothing is ever enough

  5. "You don't like anything, change it instead of having an attitude about it." AMEN!


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