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First of all I apologize for not posting in a while. I've had internet problems at home and was trying to sort it out. Also, I just finished off writing another story, so most of my time was spent writing these past couple of months. So now that the story is done, expect to be flooded by posts the coming days. 

So I have been intending to write about my homemade calender for a while but with the lack of time management recently, I tend to forget to take the pictures. Bes finally I have and it's about time that I shared my hand work with you all. So in December, I signed up for a calender workshop with a few friends in Afkaari Boutique. This boutique is basically specialized in everything that screams stationary and handmade together. So we reached there and found our stations ready to greet us; perfectly organized and appealing. We had all of our supplies, and stationary ready for our creative hands. 

We got straight to work on our calenders as soon as the workshop conductors explained the entire structure of what we should be doing to get lovely calenders.

In a matter of a couple of days (2 hours per day) and the beautiful handmade calenders were done. It was beautiful, cute and shocking that my hands could actually make such an astounding end-product. Totally worth the time, energy and price of it all. The final product were five calenders made by five amateurs at crafting, which looked absolutely professional.  

A close look at how my calender looked like: 

For those wondering about pricing, it costed us 20 rials per person for a calendar making session. Pretty cool eh? 

P.S: And for those wondering why March 9th has a heart around it; it's my birthday, which is soon yay!!   

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  1. super cute - and very different - are you printing up 4 sale?

  2. Wow! its so beautiful and professional!! I want one!! :(


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