Al Nassma: Camel Milk Chocolate

11:31 AM

So a few weeks ago, my sister took part in the International Camel Conference held in Sultan Qaboos University, and one of the things that she came back home with on the very last day was the bag above.It was striking and chic in brown and golden handwriting, absolutely prestigious and elegant. But then reading the gold scribbling I got surprised. It read Al Nassma, First & Finest Camel Milk Chocolate. Hmmm pretty interesting. Looking inside the bag there was a few chocolate bars and one fancy box of chocolate squares. 

Pretty neat eh? It comes in various flavors, the two I got to taste were orange flavored and cardamom flavored. And their taste was pretty different. I loved how there was a hint of bitterness towards the end, and how the cardamom infused amazingly. 

The chocolate is made by a Dubai company. If you're interested to know more you can visit their site.

Would you try camel milk chocolate? 

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  1. Perfect gift with beautiful packing for best friend. Thanks for sharing.


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