Is it Oman or Qatar?!

4:22 PM

So a lot of you must have heard that Muscat was named the Arab Tourism Capital for the year 2012. Last night, the website was launched in a lavish gala dinner in Bustan Palace Hotel, but what was surprising was the fact today, the website still says coming soon. It's basically non-existent. A lot of complaints came through saying how unprofessional it is to have a launch ceremony the night before when the website is actually not even available when you type in the address. 

But what happened in twitter cleared up the reason why the website still says coming soon.  Someone captured a screenshot of the website before being taken down. You can obviously see the biggest mistake ever with the image. Now this is about Muscat which is in OMAN, but funny enough the fort  has a Qatari flag fluttering on the top of it. I can't understand how it got passed off and launched without thoroughly checking the website for any errors. And that's one major big fat mistake that's visible a mile away. 

The Ministry of Tourism have a lot of explaining to do...

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  1. huh? this is really bad :/ hope they'll fix it asap!

  2. If the Ministry of Tourism explained all their inexplicable actions , they wouldnt have time to do anything else at all....oh! would that be so bad?


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