Khaleeji flash mob

1:10 PM

Now this is what I call a true authentic khaleeji flash mob, unlike the ones I've seen in Dubai Mall, which were merely replicas of others from the UK & US.

I wonder why don't we have such innovative approaches here in Oman?

Well done Zain and to my Kuwaiti friends everywhere 3asa doom ar'9 el Kuwait el 3azeeza 7urra w rafe3 el ras.

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  1. Yup, very cool, very nice. It'd be nice to see something more creative here too. Soon...;)

  2. i'm really really happy that you posted about this flash mob & categorized it as "khaleeji" rather than "Kuwaiti"!

    i really wanna see more of this flash mob type around all the GCC countries :D

  3. Cute!

    What is the name of the song? I can't be still listening to it. LOL

  4. lol we dont have this in Oman coz our malls are too tiny and we dont really have the space to do so :p

  5. @OCI: Yes hopefully soon
    @swera: It's purely khaleeji because believe me we all sang along to the songs, it's in our hearts.
    @Maryam: They are all old songs from Kuwaiti National Day operettas
    @Standy: Isma7eeli, there is enough space to do this in one of the malls in Oman. And flash mobs don't necessarily have to bi inside malls you know.


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