Live Your Life

11:14 AM

'Live your life'

That's the key slogan I've been hearing and the advice I keep receiving for the past few months. Maybe because I am approaching spinsterhood since I am going to be 25 in a few weeks? Apparently, that's the official age when every girl's family start dreading that their daughter shall remain single forever. 

'Live your life Rummy'

Pretty weird that I get these hints every now and then that I'd definitely be married come June and hence the constant lecture from older women that my life will change drastically this year. Seriously? Who made you psychic? I mean I appreciate every single one of them for telling me to enjoy my life to the fullest, but it's as if I have a death sentence written on my forehead and everyone fears that I'll disappear and not be the same. 

'3eeshi 7ayatek 7abibti'

'Why are you telling me this now?' a question I've asked and everyone goes on the experinece of freedom in single town and how tough it was of a transition to be in marriage & kids-ville.   

'Trust me if you were married, your husband won't let you go out that way' 

'Enjoy going crazy, because come next year wallah your life will be different'

'Your life will change so enjoy what's left of it now'

'Omani men are too oriental in their thinking, he won't let you work'

'With kids on the way in a few years, I feel sorry for you'

Really?! I'm fed-up with this attitude. Ya5i being married or not is a personal choice, and yes I am among those girls who have shut the door close to any prospect suitor for the sake of my career. But that doesn't mean that I'd succumb to what society wants from me. I'll be married when I feel like it's time for me to be. Furthermore, what's up with women over here and being too judgmental and too submissive? Ya3ni I get that life will change and all, but seriously why do many Khaleeji women (yes I used khaleeji because its a dilemma everywhere in the GCC) just forget who they were and ARE the moment they are married? There's so much potential to change and forward yourself in every aspect, that doesn't simply stop when you get married and have kids. Laish this mentality? 

On a final note, you and only YOU can determine how your life will turn out to be. So act on it.  

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  1. This post hits home. But in Saudi they never tell to live your life before marriage. I feel like every woman has to go through those dreadful remarks by society! The worst type of people are the ones saying "hoow entay kobrtay meta ra7 tetzawajeen" or "agooliki 8bli ha rajal tara mo kil yoom betshofeen rajal yedig 3ala bab baytiki"

    They could be so annoying! Enjoy your life because you want to enjoy it! Not because your about to get married or for society's sake. Just tune their voices down and do what you wanna do. Don't make them affect you:)

  2. @Saudi Girl: Yes I have learnt the skills of selective hearing where I just turn mute and deaf to those remarks, but it's shocking how even my young peers who are married keep saying the same thing.

    And exactly live your life and enjoy it because you want to not because you are soon to be wed.

  3. Rummy I am married and I feel great! I am happy, settled and growing in my career path. My husband is supportive and maybe I am lucky but I know many who married good guys. Before I was married I got the same bullshit from people and the worst part was from the girls similar to my age. Life can be shaped in any way we want it to be, and even if it gets difficult there is always a way out! Love u.. You are young, beautiful and have an amazing personality.. ;) Kim xx

  4. The time to get married will come eventually inshaAllah so I definitely agree with enjoying and making full use of your single life before that time comes!

    People can comment whatever they want but it is your life. People are there to comment but they won't be there to get you through tough times, trust me on that one.

  5. and even AFTER you get married, the comments still come.
    "When are you having children?"
    "You've been married for X years!"
    "You're not getting any younger!"


    It's easier said than done, but many times in life you will have to block out the comments by nosy people, who usually are NOT asking out of sincerity and kindness.

    As with everything in (life, marriage, work, career, family, etc.) all we can do is do the best we can and ask Allah for help every step of the way.

    Ok, let me stop here, this is turning into a khutbah :P



  6. lol

    Crazy world out there, I always tell m y friends NEVER take advise from anyone when it comes to marriage it is you who's getting into you and not them, people always seem to say things that reflect the way they think n how they view things in life which has NOTHING to do with your life...

    Whatever happenned to enjoying your life with your husband??? ...even guys say that , oh when u're married your wife will lock you in goodbye freedom ..BULLOCKS I say...

    Rarely nowadays would you find a good solid pure hearted's always the same way of thinkings unfortunetaly..

    Marriage is fun & with kids its "FUN-er" lol depends on how you see things..;)


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