Me & My Shoes

11:19 AM

Two things you can never have to many of Good friends & Good Shoes

I totally love this quote. 

My relationship with shoes has progressed throughout the years to be much more solid and stronger than most friendships I've had through out the years. I think it's even safe to say that the longest relationship I've ever had in my life would be with my shoes. It's an obsession totally and I openly admit to be a shoe shopaholic. 

So basically, there are no words to describe just how much I love shoes. How wearing a pair makes it just the perfect accessory with a certain outfit, how a pair allows you to feel like a goddess, how opting for another makes you feel like taking over the world, and how by just changing a pair, it takes you from ‘nice’ to ‘wow’.
My relationship with shoes is a very steamy affair. One that will last a lifetime.

Next shoes to be in my closet soon enough are: 

So any prospect male out there should be very careful before accusing me of having too much of a shoe fetish. As the saying goes 
Never come between a woman and her shoes

So any ladies out there who share my total addiction to shoes?! 

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