Sun & Moon: Chapter Sixteen (Prologue)

10:54 AM

To the love of my life, 

Out of all the things that I should have done
Out of all the things I should have prevented
Out of all the things I should have protected
You were the one that I took for granted.
I seek for your forgiveness, for your mercy and for your prayers.
I did all that was unimaginable to you yet you still accepted me with all my flaws
Praying, hating and drinking never managed to hide and make my feelings for you disappear
How did I manage to choose between my head and heart is a question I keep asking myself everyday
Until it dies away I’ll be wondering why and how I let you slip from my hands
Sanaa please forgive me, if there’s a place for me in your heart
Take care of yourself.

Someone who never learnt to cherish you

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