Times of Oman Rant

9:35 AM

As I type this now, I am stuck in a cold deserted computer lab at Sultan Qaboos University. What better way to start your Saturday but with peace and quiet rather than having your brains cracked open searching for info when you aren't even awake eh? 

So since I have nothing to do till 10 in the morning (loooong class ahead), I decided to do what I'd usually do. I'd go about checking out news websites so I can know what's happening with the world. The first one I would usually open is BBC  followed by Jazeera, Muscat Daily and last but not least the mother of all English newspapers, Times of Oman (TOA). 

Now I don't possibly know how I can write politely about how annoyingly high my blood pressure rises when I start surfing the site. It's all over the place, and to top it off the moment the page loads, the Omantel ad actually disallows you to scroll down for 15 seconds or so? What's up with that? If you think that's advertisement then that's totally wrong. 

Not to mention the Google ads that gets situated in between one paragraph of news,  TOA has won 2 gold awards in some News Agency award ceremony in New York. According to the news article they wrote about themselves 
"The gold medal, according to SND criteria, “is an award granted for a work that defines the state of the art. The entry should stretch the limits of creativity. It should be nearly impossible to find anything deficient on the work.”

Well done and kudos to them but pardon moi for being too blunt, wouldn't winning a state of the art award push you to beyond the limits to perfect what would be the face of the newspaper. I mean let's be serious for a bit, if someone in another Middle Eastern or foreign newspaper wanted to see the article that won the gold award, they wouldn't find it. To make it simple, the site has tabs that are non-existent to begin with. If you just click at the 29 tabs on the left side panel of the website (yes I counted them), 13 of them are either outdated or not functioning whatsoever. I mean I get what they are trying to do and that they want to be hip and all but seriously don't claim to have a blog when you don't have one, or that you have mobile services when the tab just says 'The page you requested in NOT AVAILABLE', or even claim to have cinema timings when there's zero info, or say to have archives when they are almost close to none. Now with that being said, I am not trying to attack TOA for not doing a good job but seriously with the history that TOA claims to have (the oldest newspaper in Oman), it's high-time that they enter the new era in the proper way, by having a proper website for crying out loud and a PROPER RSS feed. 

There I said it, I think I am awake now. 

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  1. I am shoked to see the headline today. Since when the speculation and the so called "Wall Street Style Analyst call" classifed as News?

    I'm use to of the Headline being news and not the speulative story.

    Besides, the author should as a minimum go over the wikipedia (link below, plot a graph for Oman real esate market and then make such comments with graph attached.

    It is all flimsy and cooked up with God know for what vested interst to create the stir.



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