Cupcake ATM Machine

3:51 PM

The Los Angeles-based Sprinkles bakery has an amazing new invention sure to delight those late night Hollywood stars with a fetish for sugary treats. The Sprinkles cupcake bakery is planning to open the first 24 hour cupcake ATM machine in the world. The devilish device will provide anytime day or night access to freshly baked cupcakes. 

This is absolutely evil. I actually am craving for cupcakes now. So what do you think? A crazy kewl invention, or a dumb - reason to be fat invention?!

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  1. Wow lol that's such an interesting idea...but I wonder how will they be fresh?

    Cute blog by the way :D

  2. Well according to the owners of ATM they claim that they are always fresh. And thanks hun ;)

  3. That is amazing. And first time that a cupcake bakery that will be open for 24 hours using an ATM MACHINE. It is really a rare and unique idea.

    Atm Investment


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