Diego Maradona in town!

11:36 AM

So Diego Maradona is in Muscat! Pretty exciting news really since I've grown with both my parents being hardcore fans. A pity though that my dad won't be around to watch the match sadly. Anyhow, for those wondering why he's in Oman. His team Al Wasl Club is schedueled to play the Omani football club Al Nahda tomorrow the GCC Clubs Football Championship.

The match is scheduled for 6th of March 2012 at the Sultan Qaboos Stadium in Bowsher with kickoff at 7:00 pm (still awaiting confirmation if the time is at 7 tho)

So who's going?! It's killing two birds  with one stone; supporting an Omani club and in the same time get to watch Maradona in action. 


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  1. Ever since Diego Maradona retired from the game, football fans from Argentina and across the world have been hoping that Argentina will produce another iconic player like el 10.


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