Heart Wrenching (Part 2)

6:42 PM

It seems to be the recurring scenario every few months. And I don't think I'll ever get used to the day when I'll hear such news and take it lightly. It revived all the jumbled emotions I first felt when I heard a similar story back in June. But this has to STOP! How about giving the young fella a chance for crying out loud. Dumping a newly born in a dumpster?! Really? Why not at a hospital or police station or orphanage and ALIVE!

I don't know if I'm at rage at the mother who clearly didn't want her child or at the whole act in itself or the fact that this matter is taken lightly. All I know is I'm in rage and I felt obliged to write about this. It makes me re-think the whole issue of abortion in a different light.You want to be in a relationship? By all means do. You want to have boyfriends or girlfriends then by all means have even more than one. You want to have sex? Then go ahead but for at least a second think of the consequences first. A dead baby in a dumpster? What's his fault? What did he do? This is absolutely preposterous. 

The baby was found dead in Barka a few hours ago in a dumpster, near a town called Qarhat (Qar7at) Al Bloosh.

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  1. I prefer they have an abortion, where the baby is not complete and feels nothing, than see this. But what will anyone do? Those things are not talked about in the newspaper and people who do such things are HEARTLESS. I would be more than happy to beat some sense into them.

  2. some people are pure heartless

  3. this is unbelievable, may all burn in hell! whoever does this, i wish them life of misery, illness, sorrow & much much more!

  4. that is shocking - but spare a thought also for the mother and the circumstances which could lead a mother in Oman to allow such a thing to happen.

  5. Well that just ruined my day. I just will never understand how horrible some people are.

  6. So very sad, i cant understand what goes through ones mind to make the above an acceptable end result?
    Life is very precious, and this kind of thing really sickens me.

  7. This is so sad to see, what on earth goes through there mind to make them believe that the above is an acceptable outcome.

    so very sad

  8. Not true at all! Have you seen the incident yourself with your own eyes? No, I'm sure...

    There are people who use others' emotions and manipulate them by creating such fake stories and I'm thinking more to make filthy blood money by posting such stuff and distributing it so when others hear or read a little automatically go to the website to see the photo and read more. This is so there will be more hits to the website and to make more money from the ads. Others just are clueless and in need of attention that anything they hear or read which is controversial, they automatically post so they feel better about themselves and have a fake feeling of self-esteem and realism. This is just disgusting and atrocious if not criminal and defaming not only to an individual but a society as a whole. Any sane and sound person I think will check if the stories are real and check the sources and you didn't!

    I'm from Seeb and I have family and friends in Barka who reside in Qurhat Al Buloosh. I spoke with them and it turns out to be not true and completely made up! Also, the photo you have posted has been on the web since 2008! Here's a google image search results for the same photo:

    I only visited your blog because a friend told me about the story and your story turns out not be to be credible! Please verify your stories and/or make them about your personal experience in the future as some fishy stories like this can put you behind bars!

  9. @Abdullah: Thank you very much on the comment. However, I know my limits very well and abide by them 7amdillah. I am just glad to know that with this post, there's more awareness on this issue!

  10. Abdullah your being ignorant while these stuff always happen, its your own opinion to not believe it but doesn't mean it isn't true

  11. Thanks for sharing ..there are cases such this happens at times are not talked about ...


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