Kazakhstan the land that speaks English?

3:54 PM

The scourge of Borat continues to haunt Kazakhstan after Kuwaiti officials accidentally played the fictional character’s mock Kazakh national anthem at an international rifle shooting championship.

Instead of the sombre tones of the real national anthem, Kazakh gold medallist Maria Dmitrienko had to listen to Borat’s English-language lyrics on the cleanliness of prostitutes in Kazakhstan.

Kazakh officials have described the mix-up on Thursday at the Arab Rifle Shooting Championship as a disgrace and called for an investigation.

Talk about the biggest mistake ever! I actually applaud her for staying calm I would have seriously just walked off after telling chopping their heads off. what would you have done?! 

I just hope that nothing like this happens in the any award ceremony again! 

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  1. It was in Kuwait so I thik that the question should be 'do the Kuwaitis?'


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