Asia According to Americans!

12:53 PM

I got sent this by a friend of mine and I cracked up at the fact that Oman was labelled flying carpets. I thought we were the land of camels and money! 

What caught your eye from them countries?! Is it Borat, Supermarket or the Thanksgiving meal? 

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    this is too funny

  2. This is just a rehashed version of a Daily Mail readers view of the world map. And money?? Maybe the UAE and Qatar, but not Oman. Still, it has more history than the others.

  3. @Anonymous: Well according to every single american I have met when I lived in the states Oman is famous for having oil which hence means money ;) .

  4. Lol, trust me, they don't. You are lucky if anyone has heard of it to be honest, let alone think of oil. The ones who know about it think of camels and desert. Besides, there's much more oil in neighbouring countries. Then again, perhaps you could work on a GCC map, might be interesting to see how people in Oman see the rest of the region ;)


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