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ضبط فريق التفتيش التابع لإدارة الهيئة العامة لحماية المستهلك لمحافظة شمال الباطنة كميات كبيرة من المواد الغذائية والكماليات ومستحضرات التجميل والصابون والشامبوهات والحناء والكريمات من مختلف الأنواع والأحجام منتهية الصلاحية وبعضها انتهت صلاحيته منذ 1995 وهي معروضة للبيع في أحد مراكز التسوق 
I was planning to write about this yesterday but then I had so much on my plate that I didn't get the time to. Anyhow, straight to the point. According to Al Watan newspaper, the Public Authority of Consumer Protection's inspection team caught large amounts of food  items, cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, henna and creams of various sorts that were expired but were still being sold! What was even shocking was the news that some of these items that include FOOD have expired since the year 1995, and were still offered for sale in a shopping centre in Shinas. 

Now what on Earth has come to the world? And why hasn't it been discovered till now? Seriously expired goods since the past 17 years? REALLY?! And this comes from a shopping centre, not just a regular small shop. Where did integrity and honesty of the owner and employees go? Down the toilet?!

And quoting the spokesperson of the inspection team when he was interviewed on air, he said that the violations reached over 6000 acts in that particular centre. 

You better start seriosuly checking your expiry dates before you get poisoned with spoilt items and goods.
I'm just speechless...

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  1. There's a big difference between a 'best before' date, and an 'expiry' date on food items in the UK and I would think that it's much the same here.

    A 'best before' date is just that - food is at its best before that date. After that date, well, its still ok but it might, just possibly, not be quite so good.

    An 'expiry' date means that something is likely to go off after that date, so is not safe to eat a long time after that.

    In the UK, the 'best before' date must be no longer than 2 years after production, which is stupid, as many dried goods are fine for much longer than that. Water bottles, even if bottled in glass, can only have a 2 year 'best before' date. But does water go off?

    So, in the shop in Shinas, it would be necessary to know what exactly the authorities found before worrying about the safety of the food. Was it bags of lentils, tins of tomato paste or frozen chickens that were so old? Each one has a different health risk.

    However, I do agree that some very bad stock keeping has been going on there. I suspect that there are many little shops in the villages far away from Muscat where there are some 'interesting' items at the back of the shelf! Some are probably museum pieces rather than health risks!

    In my kitchen cupboard, I've got some ground cloves with an expiry date of Dec 1989. As you can tell, I dont use ground cloves very often. I still use the cloves occasionally; they dont have nearly as much flavour, so I add twice as much. And no one has ever had so much as a stomach twinge after eating it!!!

  2. seriously like seriously seriously!!


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