Oman TV : Jealous & Sad No More!

4:19 PM

Remember when I kept saying how jealous and sad I used to be whenever I'd watch other 5aleeji TV channels? Well I won't be sometime in the nearby future inshallah. 

Finally! A Tender is out to revamp, redesign and create a whole new identity for Oman Television. This is huge news given that we have waited for decades for such a move to come into play. I'm glad to see that the tender is an international tender as well, I just hope that it's going to be modern and mind blowing in comparison to what it is now. 

We can finally kiss the power-point slideshows and bad quality graphics bubye! 

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  1. oh oh oh alf mabrook to us.. lets just hope they dont choose something cheap and ugly!! like so many things they do when they try to make new things!!


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