How Could You Slap

12:20 PM

 The amount of swearing in this video is ridiculous. Kinda cracked me up! But then again do you think she deserved the slap, that's the question I recieved when Mom sent me this video, hmmmm.

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  1. Yes she did deserve a slap – (given that we don’t know why the 'cool dude' didn’t want to talk to her) why did she explode and use a swear word designed to shock and then follow it up by giving him a very hard slap. She’s hardly dressed as a sweet girl, almost a goth style make up and such tough boots and short skirt. Does she act tough and then expect men to deal with her as if she were a sweet little Shirley Temple type girl . But all the men in the audience seemed to find his action the one that was wrong.

    However his crying also spoilt his hard image.

    It would have been far more interesting to see what would have happened if he just stood there and did nothing. A very large payout for him would result in many English speaking countries.

    I feel that they might be from a local Indian school here. My one and only encounter with a group of students from the largest one was full of them showing off how many parts of a body they could incorporate into their exchanges with each other along with the most remarkable use of Anglo-Saxon this side of Kent.

  2. Have a look at the full video
    like a strange Bollywood movie

  3. WOW ! What is going on in this ??? No she did not deserve the slap - a man NEVER hits a woman, end of story. Walk away, stand and take it, but you don't hit her.

    TWIS - who gave you the right to hit people based on their choice of dress ??


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