Polygamy: The Never Ending Saga (Part 3)

3:34 PM

It was a quiet house as always, there were no kids to take care of or any family members to entertain. She contemplated her life and was content on how it turned out to be for her. She was born an orphan and was taken care of by her uncle and his wife. They raised her siblings and her as equals to their own children. They didn’t feel indifferent or that they missed out on what many orphans did. She was blessed with parents who stepped in and sheltered them just like how her parents would have if they were alive.  She smiled and thanked God for the life she had led, but she knew there was one thing missing. Something that she felt she owed to her family and felt she had to do.

They sat on opposite ends of the table while he munched on his fruits and biscuits after that fulfilling lunch. She dreaded the words she would speak but she had to clear her conscious.

- ‘Errrrr Mubarak’ she called out for him
- ‘Hala’ he replied as he finished off his plate
- ‘I need to talk to you about something’ she said
- ‘Tell me then’ he placed his glass of water on the table as he turned his attention to her
- ‘I already got the perfect one for you, she is the right one and she is in her early 20s, so it’s perfect’ she said
- ‘What? I told you not to bring the issue up again’ he raised his voice in an angered tone
- ‘But…’
- ‘Listen to me, if I wanted to marry another wife, I would have done so a long time ago’ he repeated and reassured her like he always had
- ‘You have to marry her, you have to’ she still stubbornly said
- ‘Why 7abibti? If I can’t have a child with you, so be it. But I won't marry another accept this khalas’ he tried to calm her down and stated what he has always said even before they got married. He'd rather stay with her than to have children with someone who he doesn't see as the love of his life. 

That was 25 years ago! 

She still felt like she needed to pay back for what her uncle’s family did to her. She kept on nagging and making the life of her husband miserable until she ended up living all alone in a huge house with no one to keep her company. She felt obliged to make the son of her uncle a.k.a her husband happy no matter what the cost was. She had the idea that if she would make him hate living with her then he’d opt for a second wife and bear the children that she couldn’t bring to this world and share with him the happiness of being a parent.  But it wasn’t all that easy; doing the impossible took a toll on her marriage and the long term friendship and respect they had for each other. He couldn’t take anymore ill treatment from her that he turned into a drunken man who ended up leaving the country, just to seek peace. He is now married to an English lady and settled in Europe without ever coming back to her arms again! Throughout till the end of her days, she would repeat the same phrase every single time she sees a bride-to-be; ‘Never do my mistake’

And you know what the funny thing is? He never had any children with the second wife either. 

Be careful for what you wish for is the lesson for us all to learn. 

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