One of those inspiring stories... Ammar

11:56 AM

I was advised by one of my friends to watch this video, and the first thing I asked her was: 'Is it worth watching?' And all she did was  she nod her hard telling me that anyone who watches it would get touched. And amen to that, this is by far one of the most inspiring videos I have seen for such a long time. I applaud Ammar for surpassing all those obstacles our Arab societies try to so hard not to confront. 

I urge everyone to watch it, and if you don't understand Arabic just make sure to click on the cc button next to the full screen icon on the video for English subtitles. 


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  1. MashAllah and Sub7an Allah.. Such an inspirational short video!

  2. Im happy that the story Ammar was aired today on TV ...thanks for sharing


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