I Haven't Forgotten

5:38 PM

No, never!

I didn't forget you guys. It's just life has been pretty hectic lately, and also I have been working throughout the month on the continuation of the story I started on my doodles page 'Musings of Lost Souls'

I will soon be updating it by next week inshallah.

I'll be working on revamping this place. Have had a lot of time to think of what I want to do and given that now I have more time on my hands since am done with the course work aspect of my MSc. Degree, well this month is the last month. I'll dedicate more time to all of you.

I have got a lot of emails lately and suggestions from those who have checked my instagram page asking for a beauty and fashion section. Now I am no expert in this and there are so many already but I'll try and see what I can do revolving around the idea, maybe an instagram outfits of the week highlights? Hmm I shall see. Also, I'll be continuing on my social rants as ever. I can't shut up about it, it's just something that needs more focus on. 

Other than that I have missed you all so so much. And how amazing is the scenery in the biggest dam in Oman? (pic above). I was there last weekend and boy oh boy, the view never fails to leave me speechless and out of breath. 

Love you all :L 

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