The Curly Hair Dilemma

10:53 AM

Now I have been blessed with the most curly bouncy hair which isn't what you would call perfect Arab black long hair. I have been teased, made fun of and even rejected to be friends with some people just because of my HAIR. It might sound absurd but some people do take appearance and 'race' into a whole different level.

It has taken me quite a long time to appreciate and embrace my natural hair because I was simply different than all of my family members, friends and mostly everyone I am around with. And you know how humans are, you always strive to get what you don't have. I have tried every single straightening product out there just to have my hair pin straight and 'presentable' in society standards. But for the last few years now, I have given up all of those altogether and accepted the way I am and at the moment, I am very much content al7amdulilah.

But then comes those dreadful hair salon trips which I totally hate and loathe here in Oman. Now just because I am there for a certain service does not mean that you have to frown your face and complain that I have the worst type of hair that has a mind of its own or better yet complain that it's too hard to manage. The worst thing of all is when someone right next to me has the long flowy typical Arab hair and the stylist ends up pointing at her and say well you know with a bit of straightneing treatments your hair can turn to that. 'And who told you I wanted that?!'. It seriously pisses me off when professionalism is not there especially when I specifically mention that I love the way I am. They would still continue talking about the services they have to treat this problematic hair. If you seriously can't deal with it, just let it be. You don't have to just ruin every single girl's self esteem by pointing out that they are different than the rest of the crowd. And for what? For some extra profit? I'm sorry but that shouldn't be the case

In general though, why do most Arab hair dressers in Oman, seem to know more than you do when it comes to your own hair? I don't mean to be racist or anything but I seriously totally prefer having a European stylist who appreciates the efforts I am are making to have healthy hair than nagging and complaining on why I choose to wear my hair in its natural state. 

Anyone out there facing this same dilemma? I'd love to hear your side of things. . 

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  1. honestly ... I WANT UR HAIR >.< am pretty much fed up with straight hair cuz u can't curl it AT ALL, it just stays for like an hour then straight again. and yeah i hate going to salons for that reasons because some of the hair dressers can be rude or in my case really rough on my hair -.-

  2. I have the straight black much-coveted hair that Arab girls want, and let me tell you, it is a pain to manage too. Hair dressers tsk at me because it lacks volume, and it really does- it looks like seaweed sometimes.

    So good on you to love your hair no matter what!

  3. The problem is not just with Arab hairdressers. My friend from Ghana had such problem with a hairdresser in the UK. I can't say I've been in the same situation, I'm one of those with the typical Arabian hair.

    People should seriously treat people the way they want to be treated. It annoys me when such things happen and I'll be so rude if I've been in such a situation and I wont feel bad about it

  4. @Rei: I know what you mean, got cousins who keep complaining about the same thing

    @Dazzling Mage: Hairdressers are just a pain I tell ya.

    @Maria: Exactly! When I was younger I would feel embarasssed but nowadays I am pretty much vocal on the fact that if they don't like it, they can go bang their heads on some wall


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