Birthday Wishlist 2013

12:41 PM

So my 26th birthday is just around the corner. And I've got so many asking me the question of what my wishlist is. To be honest, I didn't even know what I wanted until I roamed around the malls here thinking what items I'd purchase for myself in the near future. 

I know I haven't updated the blog in so long, I tell you it's the after holiday effect still taking a hold of me. I'll be posting hopefully this week about my vacation to the Far East and what I did there. I just need to stop being lazy to update. Any tips to avoid that? I'd be glad to here about. 

Anyhoo, behold the wishlist of 2013 :D .

Yup I am a big fan of perfumes and won't say no if I got 10 bottles of the same perfume so long as they are my favorites, which are: 

- Anfasek Sukar from Anfasek Dokhoon 

- Narciso Rodriguez for her in the black bottle NOT the pink one! 

- And Bright Crystal by Versace, which is my all time fav signature scent <3>

Other than perfumes, I don't mind adding more plain pashmina scarves to my collection, preferably dark & royal colors since I think I have all the bright colors I could ask for :e . 

- Something that has been at the back of my head for a while is a makeup storage cube. So having it as a gift would be lovely :L . 

- I know I am pushing my luck here but I lost my Wayfarer Raybans a couple of weeks ago and a replacement gift would be awesome :mj .

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  1. i LOVE versace bright crystal <3
    i got it as a gift from work as 3id gift and i hate that its small cuz it smells amazing

  2. I love Bright Crystal. In fact, I love most of Versace's scents :) Happy birthday in advance!

  3. @Rei: Get the full size one! I literally can finish up this perfume in no time. LOVE IT

    @Shahirah: Thank you hun, and out of all Versace's scents this is my absolute fav


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