Freezing Omanis: World Record Breaking Attempt

12:32 PM

Disclaimer: This post was written under extremely unusual COLD conditions! 

It is a remarkable Thursday morning I tell ya. Currently typing this out in -20 degrees freezer. Yup might sounds crazy to some of you but it is absolutely fun!

The whole reason as to why I am subjecting myself to unfamiliar cold temperatures in the middle of a 27 degrees day is the for the purpose of wanting to boost the profile of environmental awareness and issues of Oman by breaking 2 world records. 

The world record breaking attempt is actually organized by the Freezing Omanis, who are an Omani duo heading out to Antarctica next week. I absolutely love these guys to bits; they are so passionate about the environment that makes supporting them worth it all. The first world record attempt we are attempting to break is “Most number of bloggers in a freezer” and the second world record attempt is “The Coldest Tweetup”.

I am currently in a state where I can't feel my fingers or toes for that matter, it is pretty awesome! 

Now this blog post is not only to shed light on the world record breaking attempt but is much more than that. I am from Oman, a country who is a leading pioneer in preserving the environment  but then again we always find people who just don't even see the efforts the government does in the process. 

Did you know: Oman is the first country to have legal environmental legislation introduced into its laws since 1979?

Did you know: Oman is the first Arab country to do so? 

There is so much that we don't know about Oman and the role the government plays in conserving it. 

More posts to come your way on the environment soon :D but for now I shall leave you with some photos of this historic day in a -20 degrees freezer 

The Freezing Omanis making us proud this year 

A few of the bloggers &  tweeps at the freezer; Oman Collective intelligence, Andy In Oman, Freezing Omanis & Fatima Hamayon 

And yup that's me standing on boxes to get better signal reception for tweeting and blogging purposes 

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  1. Great to read this and be so informed. All luck to you all!



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