Update on World Record Attempt

12:47 PM

So our World Record Attempt is under review at the moment. We are all pretty excited waiting to get confirmation that we have definitely set 2 world records. You can read all about the attempt on my previous post, click here

Or as well read all about it on Andy in Oman's post, Freezing Omanis' post or Oman Collective intelligence's post

Also if you want to find out more hilarious moments that happened while we camped inside the freezer (like when my iPhone decided to freeze & stop working), search on Twitter for #TweeterInAFreezer

With anticipation filling the air, this is a video taken by Andy in Oman while we were at the attempt last Thursday. 

Note: The picture above was taken from Bader Al Lawati, one of the awesome Freezing Omanis. Make sure to follow their amazing journey to Antarctica by checking out their blog 

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