The Most Powerful Omani Woman is...

12:39 PM

Assila Zaher Al Harthy

Arabian Business revealed their full list of the Top 100 Powerful Arab Women with the UAE mashallah taking the top honors by having 20 Emarati women featured in the list & Saudi Arabia comes in second with the most number of women from the country featured. 

Now coming to this country of ours, Oman. A peaceful country that has given women rights to free education, voting, running for Shura elections, owning a business and much more. Yet still we fail to make an identity for ourselves outside the country? I'm really not shocked as much as disappointed to find that the number year after year just decreases. This year Oman only has ONE?! Really? 

Dear Omani business women, where art thou?

To read the full list, click here

Disclaimer: The picture above was taken from Oman Oil's website 

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