I'm Baaaack!

11:18 AM

It is such a comfortable cozy feeling overcoming me while typing this. The sun is sinking down for a slumber within the horizon and I sit here in a homely atmosphere in one of my favorite café, if it is not my ultimate place ever! Café G is the place, famous for its chocolate velvet cake that has literally gotten people to come time and time again just to indulge in a piece, its yummy homemade ice tea that quenches your thirst or the Viennese cappuccino that is literally heavenly.  The beautiful yet simply yellow lighting makes the ambience even more relaxing than it is, making me smile as I realize what this place does to me.  

And it suddenly dawns on me! I think my writer’s block has finally ceased to stand in my way.

Yes I am back to blogging and you guys have the permission to hunt me down and annoy me if I don’t post in a timely manner. First order of business to write a much long overdue post of what I have been up to!  Stay tuned J

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