What have I been up to?

10:14 AM

2013 has been a very testing year but filled with so many new experiences and adventures. So what I have been up to? There's just so much to tell: 

- I took my first ever annual leave ever since I started working from the age of 19. 
- I traveled to the Far East for the first time ever. 
- Bought my first ever Chanel quilted bag (I just had to put that in there) 
- Managed to watch Swedish House Mafia perform LIVE after thinking that I missed out on the opportunity when they were in DXB last year. 

- Got diagnosed with Keratoconus; a degenerative eye condition (yup the world stood still for a moment when my doctor broke the news)   
- Enjoyed valentine's day for the first time in a very long time, thanks to an amazing bunch of friends
- Got to meet Shah Rukh Khan who was such a sweetheart. 

- BIRTHDAY MONTH (I think that sums up how much fun I had) 
- Fostered a cat, we called her Lucy :L .

- Thankfully my eye condition isn't as severe as once thought. It is progressing on a much much slower rate but I still need to schedule in surgery in my agenda for early next year. 
- Interviewed Akon who is so so tall! But boy did he have an amazing smile *sighs* 

- Studies, studies, studies! 

- I got accepted to an ambassadorial program, which is so exciting. All shall be revealed soon! 
- Took a mini vacation to Dubai (so much fun!) 
- We found Lucy a loving home in the arms of a chronically ill young girl. The moment they met, there was instant chemistry :L . 

And that's sums up how life has been this year. A pity that Google Reader is no more by tomorrow, make sure to subscribe by email if you haven't (scroll up!) to get updates on ze blog! 

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