Love & Marriage : An Intro...

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Love is a four letter word that might mean everything to one person and might be the destruction of someone else. We all have a different view on this very short simple word. Experiences be it good or bad plays a major role on what we perceive to be the perfect love to share between two individuals.

But then comes the big search for that partner who might provide what you think is missing in your life, replacing that void place which someone else might have filled, or just kiss away those painful childhood memories, no matter what your story is we are all human after all and all seek for that one person who can understand us without speaking a word, have arguments and fights with and be there to pull you out of your dark place whenever you feel the world is closing in on you.

Realization later hits, when maybe the person who is supposed to share your life with you might not exist because of where you live? A traditional, cultural and religious centered country?

The topic of love and marriage has always taken the top interest in young Omanis’ conversations. Mostly it’s on how it is difficult to find a guy when you cross a certain age, how many men choose to remain single because Omani women are just too much to handle, or rather you can’t find that one person to understand that you are pretty much open minded and not at all as traditional as everyone might think you are.

Throughout the coming series of blog posts, I’ll be writing a bit on the different young Omani categories I have stumbled upon and what their struggles are in finding Love. Stay tuned! 

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  1. Honestly I'm looking for a conservative girl who doesn't drive until she gets a job and would never work in a mixed office. I'm very open about everything else. I fell in love with a girl once and proposed to her but this driving became an issue and -as hard as it was- I had to let her go. Yah yah I know don't be selfish blah blah blah, that's just the way it is.


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