Only TWO Days Left!

12:16 AM

And it is officially time to revive this blog back to life! Now 2013 was hectic and was a year where I found my groove back and realised how life was too short to miss out on anything. It was certainly very fun and enjoyable but here we are now in a brand new year which is proving to be the year that I have been waiting for! I can finally on my birthday (9th of March btw) cross off a life long dream of heading out to the Antarctic from my bucket list. How many people can say that?! It hasn't sunk in though; that I am actually going. But I guess sooner or later it will; probably once I board the Qatar Airways flight to Buenos Aires on 1st of March.  

Watch this space ppl! Rummy is back to stay this time. 

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  1. Wishing you all the best on your trip, and i do hope you keep posting and writing so that we can share the experience with you.

    I have a few things on my bucket list but then going to Antartica isnt one of them! I would rather make a safe pleasent trip to Perta or Taj Mahal as one of my destinations

    All the best Rummy....stay safe

  2. Very cool! Have a great time! :)


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