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Buenos Aires is really a lovely city, not that it is on my favorite list to be honest but it has this pretty awesome character to it. What’s even more amazing is that everyone mistakenly thinks that I am a Latina. I can finally blend into a society without standing out for looking different. I ain’t a typical Arab looking girl given that I don’t have those huge Arabic looking eyes, nor do I look African as I don’t have the typical big huge nose with open flared nostrils nor Asian because simply even though I rock the nose and have small eyes, I have full lips which doesn’t work with the whole Asian look. But for some reason, I fit in perfectly with this society and get people from all walks of life approaching me speaking in Spanish and asking if I’m Brazilian, oh la la! It feels really great.


So the first couple of days in Buenos Aries was uneventful had the worst jet lag ever, and to top it off ended up having the flu which was so severe I ended up feeling dizzy every time I walked out of bed. Luckily I decided to arrive a few days prior to the actual start of the expedition to avoid any mishaps on the way and boam I happy for that decision (Thank you Daddy for the awesome suggestion!)


The hotels over here are dead cheap! So for those contemplating that it would be an expensive trip, I would say the most expensive of the lot must be the airline tickets but the accommodation is seriously super cheap.  You can easily book a six night stay in a four star hotel for 100 Omani Rials inclusive of tax! And for those who are adventurous enough to stay inhostels, well guess what? Six nights could be as cheap as 14rials for the whole stay!

Once I felt better I managed to get out of bed, and roam around exploring the city, and the location of the hotel I am staying in is perfect; at the centre of most of the tourist attractions. Right behind the hotel is an amazing park San Martin Plaza, it’s seriously a breath of fresh air in comparison to the parks we have back home. Absolutely fascinating and the weather is breezy and perfect for you to enjoy reading a book, which is exactly what I did, well technically I was reading scientific papers which is a great substitute for a book!


I also managed to take a stroll down Florida street which apparently is a must see place if you are visiting Buenos Aires. It has a European vibe to it. According to what I was told, this is the place to head down for shopping and enjoy the GalariasPacifico mall which is the tourist destination mall. Interestinglyas well, this place was home to the only other Harrods outside of London but due to the financial situation in the country, Harrods decided to stay where it belongs in London. So I hit the street and the first thing that I notice is how lively and crowded the street is; live music, mannequin acts and lots of people walking around; I liked that. But then another side showed up and that’s the amount of random strangers calling out ‘Cambio cambio’ which means ‘Money money’in Spanish. Apparently these people offer black market exchange rates which are better than the official money exchange places you find in the city, now as much as it seems appealing you’d never ever know if you’ll be given fake pesos in exchange for your 100 dollar bills. So of course never ever do that! Another interesting thing to note is that if you are a man or group of men walking down the street you get approached randomly with flyers of cabarets and that sort of nightlife! I was so thankful being a lady walking downthe street because the way tourist men were cornered was ridiculous.  

Anyhow the mall wasn’t as fascinating as the ones we are used to in the GCC, so I never went all gaga on it. I would actually go as far as saying that we are the kings and queens of malls in the world! I wouldn’t really shop in Buenos Aires either. I went to check what Zara had to offer as well and almost every item there are thing that I have bought in Muscat two seasons ago! Unless I am looking for leather and boy do they have good quality leather products but that’s it really. On the other hand, the weather and scenery is really something else. I am yet to exploremore of the city. Only a couple of days left till I head down to Tierra del Fuego and initiate the second leg of the Antarctic trip! Wish me luck!

Leaving you with a few photos snapped by the all new Nokia Lumia 1020

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  1. Nice picture of Buenos Aires jejejeeje i guess you are enjoying your stay over there....Don't forget to assist any TANGO show , this is mandatory ( Tango is the most famous dance worlwide and was created by italian comunity arriving Argentina early 20th century ).
    Try the argentinian food based on meat produced in La Pampa area, southern Buenos Aires and one of the most well know and reputed meat producers worlwide...Try Bife or empanada or asado -typical meat at barbacue- any variety. After that you will have to do extraexercise but it worths it !!
    Spanish cook at Muscat


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