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I got asked by Unicos Oman to carry a few oftheir products with me during the expedition. Given that I am an avid lover of natural products, the provided me with products from their Olive oil care line which looked absolutely cute in its packaging. Unicos means Unique in Spanish and their products are healthy high-end, and all the way from Europe. I received the Extra Olive Oil shampoo, body milk, shower gel, hand cream and soap bar. I only took with me three out of the five which were; the body milk, shower gel and hand cream and started using it from the first day I arrived over here in Argentina.


The shower gel has a pretty light consistency not thick and heavy. It lathered on very well as well and the smell has a certain oriental kick to it, so for those who love Arabic perfume and oils you’ll surely love the smell (the entire olive oil line has the same smell). I really liked it; it makes sure you’re squeaky clean without being dry. I stayed for a while after using the shower gel without applying any moisturizer to check out the moisture on the shower gel and even though I have very dry skin, it didn’t dry my skin out.


The body milk was very light in consistency and amazingly got absorbed pretty fast into my skin. Now because I have dry skin, I’d wish that it was more thicker to keep me moisturized for longer but for short periods of time, it worked well. My legs and arms felt super soft after applying it.


The hand cream is my favorite I would say, maybe because I carry it everywhere with me. It‘s lovely and is perfect for moisturizing your hands on the go.


I am yet to know how it holds up in the cold Antarctic weather but I’ll be back with another post about it in a month’s time! If you are interested in checking out this olive oil line or the other products Unicos Oman provides. Make sure to search for Unicos Oman on facebook and instagram or email them info@unicosoman.com or contact them via Whatsapp 9398 2833

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