What If?

9:37 AM

Being the Piscean that I am, I usually tend to escape into my own fantasy world where that question takes center stage. What if your life was different to what it is today? What if a scenario that was supposed to happen actually did and changed you drastically? You might not meet this new personality of yours or might not even come to know some of the people around you if those set of events were to happen. But then again, what if?

It’s quite refreshing to explore the unknown. I do this all the time and sometimes it’s depressing to think that what your set of goals and dreams were in the past have changed. With time we all grow and with that our aspirations are either realized or mature to become something quite nominal and insignificant. It’s the principal of change that seems quite appealing to me. I like change and I like how life sometimes gives you ready-made lemonade rather than having to make your own with dried awful sour lemons. It might be forced on you or it might come naturally but playing that what if scenario in your head and realizing the change that has come out of it is always a breath of fresh air.

Don’t you think?

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