Venture Into The Unknown: Kilimanjaro

9:51 AM

As I woke up celebrating my 28th birthday back in March, my heart was sore, limbs felt heavy and most of all vision blurred from the depression that hit me. Many would say it’s nothing too serious and that this is just the blues you go through every single birthday but no this was different. I have never felt like this before as I am the type of person who always makes a big deal out of her birthday and really enjoy the whole fact that I am older since I always tend to be told that I look like a teenager. 

It was something about this year that seemed not right to me. Digging in deeper and I realized where I was celebrating my birthday last year; in the middle of an ocean of icebergs, seals and whales. It was a beautiful serene atmosphere where I was introduced to the true meaning of silence for the first time and the definition of spectacular in God’s creation; Antarctica. That birthday stands as the best birthday I have ever had since my existence in this life which explained why I was so low this time around. In my mind, nothing could top that feeling and this void made me explore something that would fill it up so that if I look back to 2015, a year of many changes in my life, a particular experience would stand out.

It didn’t take but for a few hours for me to stumble on something that would be just what the doctor ordered. It was a call for applications for the Kilimanjaro Climb organized by Outward Bound Oman in celebration of the 45th National Day. It was perfect! In a matter of minutes I found myself applying, hours later getting accepted and days later starting my preparation for my first ever mountain climb. The feeling I had then was just enough to shun those negative vibes I had of this year. Throughout these coming weeks, I’ll be posting my diary series on Kilimanjaro summing up my thoughts at the time, lessons I learned about myself and how you can do it if you set your mind to it and are interested. Stay tuned!

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