Are You A Multipotentialite?

3:39 PM

Hello my name is Rumaitha and I am a multipotentialite.

I have always wondered what I should label myself as and while I have struggled with the question ‘So what do you do?’ quite often in my life, this terminology came as a surprise. I have to thank my lovely friend and college mate Nienke Verhoeks for sharing the nomenclature. 

My interests as a kid varied drastically, one day I wanted to be an astronaut but then wanted to be a professional footballer and suddenly I decided I wanted to be a movie director and then I wanted to be a journalist. Come a decade later and all of that shifted when my fascination for the ocean was too overwhelming to ignore. Now the thing is, it wasn’t that my ambition to become all of those I mentioned evaporated nor was it a matter of decisiveness, I simply wanted to be all of them and more.

In a global society like ours, we are all wired to focus on one particular interest, usually our strongest forte, and become an expert and specialist in what we do. We tend to discourage a Jack or Jane of all trades because that’s not how the world works in our mindsets. After all, the motto circling around our head like a halo is doing everything doesn't show your devotion. But, what if you were actually devoted and passionate about all those fields? Is it even possible? 

Yes it is! All you have to do is think out of the box and never let 'What if?' govern your life.  I was blessed to have gone to a college that was surrounded by diversity. I learnt how you can do more than one thing all at once if you really want to put your heart and soul into it.I was encouraged for being different and wanting more than one thing at once, I pursued my studies, worked at the same time, earning a decent salary, did research, authored a chapter in a marine biogeochemistry book, learnt two European languages, and had hobbies all in the same time frame. And guess what? I just loved it; the multiplicity, the surrounding and that everyone else was just like me; different with lots of potential and interests.  Being in such an atmosphere made me realize that even though it was good to conform to societal standards of choosing what you are good at, the sky was the limit with your passion. But! How do you handle the reality of not being able to express that you are a multipotentialite? Would people get it? 

That was the million dollar question when I came back to Oman; I just couldn’t see myself doing one thing for the rest of my life! It was safe to say that the question 'How do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?’ in various job interviews caused me anxiety and sweat beads to form on my forehead. I failed to answer it without lying to the interviewers just to get the job. However with time, I was at peace with my internal wiring, and accepted that I am a person who has dozens of interests and can excel in all given the drive I have for each of them. And the perk? Well, my CV is longer than the usual ha!

While I might be a specialist through my educational majors, my life has exhibited and involved plenty of what I have always wanted to do. And because of that, unique opportunities and doors have opened up and paved my way to be the best person I can be; the marine scientist, aquaculturist, footballer, sports enthusiast, writer, radio journalist, motivational speaker,  adventurer, foodie, optimist, and a typical Piscean dreamer.

My name is Rumaitha and I am a multipotentialite, are you?! 

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. YES, I am :) Different personalities are driven by different things though. You should take this test. It's scarily accurate.

    1. It really is! I am an ENTP type of personality apparently and it's so true!

  3. I have always stuck with just one, due to practicality, but I am sure most people are deep down;).

  4. Definitely a multipotentialite. . . (my mother started a new career at age 60. My grandfather started a new career at age 80. That's a good sign). Plenty of space :)


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