An Italian Rossini Night

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Anyone who knows me knows the fact that Italian food comes up the list as one of my favorite cuisine. And no it’s not the pasta that I am talking about; it’s the carpaccio, the risotto and their seafood dishes. So a few weeks ago, when I was invited out to try Rossini at the Cave, it didn’t come as a surprise when I snatched on the opportunity especially since I haven’t had the chance to try out the place yet. Frankly speaking it would only be my second time at the Cave. 

If you have been to O’Sole Mio and loved it!  Well then you are in for a treat because Rossini takes the same ambiance and beefs it up to give a more romantic roman atmosphere to the place.

My friend and I were treated to a 3 course chef’s selection menu, though I was bummed out that I didn’t get a chance to try out the Carpaccio, which hands down is my favorite Italian dish. 
Brucshetta compliments of the chef to start with 

The yummiest seared scallops for our appetizer 
Mushroom Risotto as well for our appetizer
Lamb Chops was the main course, it was a bit on the dry side according to my buddy who had this dish
And of course can't go wrong with Lobster!! It was sublime
If you are quite strict in terms of not being in a place that serves alcohol then I wouldn’t recommend this place as it does serve alcohol. On the other hand if you don’t mind and are a fan of Cuban cigars, well they actually have a cigar lounge set up for you to enjoy. 

We on the other hand decided to treat ourselves to a non-alcoholic tiramisu which was pretty delicious and added in a chocolate molten cake to the mix because why not right? 

My overall experience was lovely, if you are looking for authentic Italian food that is prepared by Italians then this is the place to be. I would definitely pay Rossini a visit again. 

Rating 8/10.

Here's their facebook page: 

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