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The story all began back in National Day, November 18th 2008, when I was bored one day after leading quite a hectic life as a student in The Netherlands. Things seemed to be pretty mundane over here and not as busy as I was accustomed to be. Being a Piscean, I loved creative writing and being a woman, loved to rant and the combination with boredom gave birth to this awesome space of a blog. 

Who am I? Well that's a tough question to ask. Short comes to mind, chirpy and always smiling, a chatterbox at heart with a soul of a nerd. I also work as a radio presenter, an aquaculturist, researcher and always set for the next adventure. I guess that explains why I would have loads to say.  

I'll stop here for now and let you guys explore the blog and see what I am all about.

Have fun! 

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